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The interior originally planned for the 1963 Studebaker Avanti never saw production. The design called for Royalite moldings (similar to fiberglass) throughout the interior. When Studebaker president Sherwood Egbert realized that the project was running over budget the ambitious interior was modified. The instrument panel remained, but the Royalite was replaced by carpeting and vinyl sections that were padded, pleated, and sewn together. Avanti's interior features contoured bucket seats in the front passenger compartment. The rear seat is a semi-contoured bench, mounted 3 in. higher than the front buckets. The padded dash covers gauges that are black with white letters and glow red when lit. Dials include a clock, tachometer, and vacuum gauge. The speedometer reads to 140 m.p.h. Light and heat/air controls are mounted in the center of the windshield header. Other items in the console include the shift lever, an ashtray, and a small compartment. There is also a glove compartment in the dash that houses the Avanti's vantity case with a pop-up mirror. Open Color Scheme Combinations to view samples
Cockpit - Wide View
The 63 Studebaker Avanti interior from the passenger side.
Stock Interior
View of a 63 Studebaker Avanti stock interior showing instruments, Steering wheel, and console.
Opened Door
An Avanti interior with the 46.5 in door open.
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