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1963 Studebaker Registry
Nineteen months after Studebaker Avanti production ended, the first Avanti II's were announced. Avanti Motor Corporation built 45 cars in 1965, 59 in 1966, 66 in 1967, and 100 in 1968. The pronounced rake of the original was eliminated and wheel openings were tightened. The Interior fabrics were made to customers' specifications. The most important mechanical change was the Chevrolet 327-cu-in./300-bhp engine. Support the Avanti Registry with a donation in any amount ($10, $20, or $50 are suggested) and a "Certified Registration" emblem will be included in your registration.
The "RQA" serial numbers appeared on the first Avanti II models from 1965 and continued into 1970. The "RQB" designation was added in 1970 and "RQA" was discontinued later that year. "RQB" was continued through 1985 though the Avanti II designation ended in 1984. The serial number and month/year of manufacture, along with a statement that all regulations at time of manufacture had been met, is found on a foil sticker or metal plate located near the door latch on the driver side of the B pillar. In addition to the "RQB" number, 16 digit VIN numbers may also appear on 1983-1985 models.
Owner Registry of 1960s Avanti IIs
Feb 19, 2001 1966 RQA00XX Phil Solheim 327 automatic, AC, PW, deep metallic green with black vinyl with green cloth inserts. 2001 Registration
Mar 21, 2004 1966 RQA0013 Richard P. Reimer None provided. 2004 Registration
Feb 20, 2001 1966 RQA0020 Gunner Johnson 327 engine, 300hp, 4-speed, TT 2001 Registration
Nov 19, 2013 1966 RQA0030 Ed Robinson None provided. 2013 Registration
Sept 5, 2001 1966 RQA0040 Bill Stroud White with black interior, automatic, tilt wheel, PW, 327 ci engine 300 hp. Bought at Milton Motor Co. in Oakland California. A California auto until two years ago. Very straight, solid, and original. 2001 Registration
Jun 29, 2001 1966 RQA0041 Michael Clayton None provided. 2001 Registration
Jun 29, 2008 1966 RQA0050 Carl & Emily Schroeder Maroon with red and beige interior-all original. Exceptional condition-nearly 55,000 original miles. Repainted in the '80's, hog troughs and Turner brakes are new. First owner in Rhode Island–brought to Maine in the '80's–last owner owned it twice! Body # RQ4002-believed to be next to the last of the original Studebaker bodies. Corvette 327/300, automatic, PS, PB. 2008 Registration
Oct 5, 2002 1966 RQA0053 Al & Judy Tadder Turquoise with turquoise vinyl and black cloth interior. Original 53,000 miles-327/300 HP with PS, PW, PB, AC, automatic. Show winner AOAI national, regional and local events. Owned since 1981. 2002 Registration
May 29, 2002 1966 RQA0063 Alan Garner Black with black vinyl and yellow/green cloth inserts, 327/300hp. 98,000 original miles and still runs great! Updated Turner Brake front discs. Accessories PW, PS, PB, vintage 60's magnesium rims with chrome knock-offs. Acquired July, 2001. Driven weekly. 2002 Registration
Aug 20, 2012 1966 RQA0069 William T. Joslin 327 Corvette engine with AC. Engine rebuilt with just 800 miles. Beautiful blackcherry paint. Interior redone as well as the shocks, springs and dual stainless exhaust. A real sweet car. 2012 Registration
Nov 20, 2009 1966 RGA0088 Jim McCuan I purchased this car in Feb. 2007. Maroon, white and maroon interior, original drivetrain, bought from 3rd owner. All original paperwork. Excellent condition. 2009 Registration
Feb 22, 2001 1966 RQA0093 Ed Belinski Red with red and tan cloth interior, 327 automatic, AC, PS, PB. 2001 Registration
July 2, 2001 1966 RQA0100 Howard Taylor Metallic gold paint with black and tan interior. Engine: 300 hp 350 ci Chevrolet in place of the 327 ci. Original power shift automatic transmission. Accessories: PS, PW, PB, and AC. Original wire wheel hub caps. Restored mechanically and rebuilt as a driver. originally shipped to Elizabeth City, NC. 2001 Registration
Oct 27, 2009 1966 RQA0108 Mel & Sheila Fratzke Bronze exterior, tan interior. PS, PB, PW, A/C, 327/300 automatic. Less than 18000 miles on the odometer when purchased in Aug, 2008. Fourth owner; previous owner stated that both engine and transmission had been rebuilt. Extensive interior and exterior restoration by me, but not frame-off. 2009 Registration
Jul 6, 2007 1966 RQA0109 Darryl C. Lewallen 327/300HP. Power Shift trans, gold exterior, tan interior. PS, PB, PW, tilt wheel. From California. Beautiful driver. 2007 Registration
Jul 21, 2006 1967 RQA0113 Sandra & Gene Sipes Beautiful blue. We bought this car from an auction. I drive it everyday and it gets many looks. 2006 Registration
Jun 24, 2007 1967 RQA0115 James G. Ferris White 2 door coupe with AC, power steering, restored 9/93. Red cloth and black vinyl interior. Repainted 9/93, new stereo, speakers, cd changer,Viper 300 alarm 9/93. 327 HP Corvette, 3 speed automatic trans. 2nd owner. Purchased 5/73 Certified Registration
Oct 14, 2008 1967 RQA0117 Bob Ziff 327/300 with 5-speed Tremec transmission. 2008 Resistration
Nov 10, 2013 1967 RQA0129 Anders Löfgren None provided. 2013 Registration
Sep 10, 2013 1967 RQA0157 George J. Salzmann Dark brown metallic with tan vinyl interior. 327/300 HP engine, automatic transmission and twin traction. Optional equipment include A/C, P/S, P/B, P/W, AM/FM radio and tilt steering wheel. Purchased from original owner with 25,000 actual miles August 2013. 2013 Registration
Nov 20, 2008 1967 RQA0159 Paul West Black / Black, original in and out, owned 20 yrs, 67,000 actual miles, 15" magnum 500 wheels, restored frame up, 327/300, 400 TH A/T, 650 holly, 354 Dana T/T axle. 2008 Registration
Jul 20, 2006 1967 RQA0161 Philip O. Paccione Red exterior with red interior. A prototype for the 1968 equipped with factory installed Paxton Supercharger! Tested by the factory on the Utah salt flats! Originally white when reviewed by various car magazines and nicknamed the WHITE WHALE. The factory did not like the nickname and repainted it red! It was sold to by Nate Altman to the original owner in Indiana who owned it until July 2006! This 4 speed supercharged rocket ship with its original corvette 327 motor from the factory has less than 39,000 original miles. RQ-A0161 is a true survivor. 2006 Registration
Mar 7, 2003 1967 RQA0166 Gale Otto Blue Cobalt Firemist exterior with light tan Smoked Elk Vinyl interior. A 327 engine and 500 Mag wheels. Original unrestored with 22,000 actual miles. 2003 Registration
Mar 19, 2005 1967 RQA0178 Brian D. Richardson Metallic green with black interior. Automatic, A.C., full factory, dual exhaust. 327 c.i. All original equipent; unrestored but looks very decent; a few dings in the paint. Interior looks great. 76,582 all original miles, 3rd family owner. All documentation has been kept; even have pics of car on assembly line. 2005 Registration
Oct 24, 2003 1967 RQA0181 Milt and Chris Yoder Black w/black vinyl interior. Has 327 cu in. 300HP engine with powershift automatic transmission. Magnum 500 wheels, power steering, air conditioning. 2003 Registration
Aug 9, 2002 1967 RQA0183 Lee Harrison Turquoise with black interior. 327 4 speed, wire wheels. 2002 Registration
May 31, 2008 1967 RQA0191 Ryan S. Thompson Silver, 327 Motor. Black vinyl seats, red carpet. Doors two tone – black upper and red lower. 2008 Registration
Aug 7, 2006 1967 RQA0206 Peter Crisitello This Gold Avanti II is a recent acquasition. I have only driven it to one SDC meet in Spokane, WA last summer. While it is quite similar to my 1963, it is a completely different vehicle in both handling and performance.
2006 Registration
Sep 14, 2007 1967 RQA0209 Lawrence J. Carrocce Unrestored, stored in barn for 20+ years. Factory 4 speed with air and original 327. 2007 Registration
Jun 29, 2003 1967 RQA0215 Gilles Dubreuil 327 automatic, PW, red with black vinyl interior. 60k original miles. Paint, minor bodywork, brakes, exhaust must be restored. 2003 Registration
Feb 20, 2001 1967 RQA0218 Chris Norton Dark brown with fawn interior. Came with 300hp 327 but after 400,000+ miles now has a ZZ-3 350 and turbo 350. 2001 Registration
Sep 18, 2002 1967 RQA0225 Phil & Cindy Brown Gold w/black vinyl interior. Purchased in August 1986 form Gates Chevrolet of South Bend after being traded on a Toyota pickup. Has 327 cu in. 300HP engine with powershift automatic Transmission. From the original paperwork the original owner was Elaine Dunbar, wife of Ed Dunbar, Manager of Studebaker Automotive Sales Corporation in the late 60's and early 70's. Car is in restored condition. 2002 Registration
Jan 10, 2002 1968 RQA0226 Jim Babcock Original, unrestored, waiting its turn at renewal. Bought new in January of 1968 and registered as a 67 to avoid updating the seatbelts. Turquoise blue with a 327, 4-speed, manual steering, and power brakes. I was 3 years old and remember walking through a warehouse full of Avantis to get ours. 2002 Registration
Dec 22, 2013 1967 RQA0246 Phillip Mednick I purchased this car from the original owner in 1983. It was originally delivered in June of 1968 but is titled as a 1967. I have a copy of the original title. I still have the original 4-speed trans but have put a 5-speed in for better highway travel. It is in original unrestored condition with factory air and white leather interior. I'm thinking of new paint, rechrome bumpers, and possibly new leather, although there are no tears right now and sometimes original can be appreciated more for what it is. 2013 Registration
Mar 28, 2014 1969 RQA0260 Constantin C.J.
Car is in Germany. Brown metallic with tan interior. Very original! Great car! 2014 Registration
Oct 1, 2007 1969 RQA0261 Ned P. Kauffman Champagne gold, 327 c.i., 45,000 mi., one-owner In 1973 pistons were replaced after boring cylinders 0.030 and resurfacing heads 0.010. 2007 Registration
Sep 14, 2009 1969 RQA0263 Dwayne T. Jacobson As of Sept 14/09 have 34000 miles. Black exterior with black and brown interior. 383 stroker with 700 R4 tranny. All new front end steering, suspension. New suspension in the rear end. New brakes. New 17 inch rear tires and 15 inch front tires on American Racing mags. 2009 Registration
Oct 6, 2009 1969 RQA0265 Richard Palazzo White with navy blue interior, 350 engine with 700R4 transmission, completely restored, new everything. 2009 Registration
Aug 2, 2001 1969 RQA0270 John W. Holtz 327, original owner: Jeff Atkinson. 2001 Registration
Dec 12, 2009 1968 RQA0271 Alan N. Basile Rosewood Firemist, restored many years ago. White Rapael Vinyl interior, 327/300, A/C, automatic.
Basile Avanti
2009 Registration
Feb 18, 2001 1969 RQA0297 Jeffrey Angelli Monteray green, special metallic paint, GM 2004r overdrive automatic, AC, Raphael vinyl interior in avacado, Biggelow deep pile green carpet, AM push button radio, 327 '68 Corvette V8 300 hp, Powertrax locker rear end, electronic ignition, Edlebrock carb and Performer intake. 2001 Registration
Apr 25 , 2006 1969 RQA0304 Sean T. Mulholland Guards red exterior, black vinyl interior, custom cherry wood dash and console, converted to Muncie M20 4 speed with Hurst shifter and hydraulic clutch, PS, PB, A/C, Motor wheel exiters, engine rebuilt. Purchased in 1984. 2006 Registration
Sep 28, 2002 1969 RQA0319 Wayne Elliott Firemist Gold with Gold Crushed Velor and Vinyl interior. 350 cu auto with less than 600 miles on a rebuilt original motor. Sat in my Garage for 17 yrs and took four more years to rebuild running gear and suspension but it runs good now. Second owner since Oct. 1971 2002 Registration
May 15, 2008 1969 RQA0320 David Selwyn Dark brown metallic exterior with custom brown interior. Currently being restored by Lancer Automotive. On May 14th 2008, has 49,816 original miles. Was my father's car. He was the original owner. Original Chevy 350 V8 with original Ford automatic transmission. Hope to be driving it soon! 2001 Registration
Jan 8, 2014 1969 RQA0327 Rolland L. Stapleton Date ordered 12/23/68, date shipped 5/12/69. 350 CI engine, automatic transmission. Radio and antenna, power steering, air conditioning. Weight 3,217 lbs, paint color Chalice Gold, WSW Tires. 2014 Registration
Feb 22, 2003 1969 RQA0339 Dennis Hannaway 1969 registered as 1970. Maroon/burgundy, smoked elk interior, very good condition, 350 Corvette engine, automatic, PS, PB, AC, Edelbrock carb. 2003 Registration
Sep 7, 2008 1969 RQA0348 Richard D. Everett 2 door coupe, red exterior, black interior, 350 cu.in. chevy, came with 4-speed from factory, now automatic.Stepfather John Ferguson purchased car new in NY in 1969 and passed away in 1972. Mother drove car until 1978 and parked it in garage until Sept.2008. She gave it to me Sept.5, 2008 and it's now in NC. It hasn't been run in 30 years, never been wrecked. No antifreeze or water in resevoir tank, no brake fluid in master brake cylinder, interior still looks good. Glass is good, outside paint still looks fresh, has little pitting on front bumper, mirrors on driver and passenger door pitted badly. Would like to find shop service manual for the 1969 Avanti II. Mileage on car when I took possession 70079.2. Have my work cut out. 2008 Registration
Nov 10, 2001 1969 RQA0350 Frank Antoniello Registered as 1970. 1969 Corvette 350 with 111k miles, automatic, PW, PS, PB, AC. Restoration underway. Engine removed & rebuilt, repainted original Chalice Gold, new chrome, gold Raphael vinyl interior. Purchased July 2000. 2001 Registration
Feb 2, 2010 1970 RQA0350 Gerry Duff Gold/tan restored. Purchased October 2009. 2010 Registration
Aug 30, 2001 1969 RQA0354 Carl C. Bruce Burgandy, excellent condition, 327/300 Corvette engine, automatic, PW, PS, PB, tilt wheel, Enkie wheels. Purchased August 2, 2001. 2001 Registration
Jan 1, 2005 1969 RQA0371 Brian Rand Chesterfield Brown w/gold flake, All leather restored interior, 327, runs great. 2005 Registration
Jan 2, 2005 1969 RQA0378 Robert J. Agster Dark brown metallic, excellent original condition, saddle cloth/leather interior. 350/300HP corvette power, automatic trans. 36,000 miles, 2nd owner, purchased 1986. 2005 Registration
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