Avanti - 1963 Studebaker Avanti

1963 Studebaker Avanti Standard Equipment

Studebaker Factory
Production 63 Studebaker Avanti models on display in the Studebaker factory.
Stock interior
Stock interior of a 63 Studebaker Avanti showing the standard instrument panel and steering wheel.
Vanity Opened
The glove compartment features a built-in vanity tray as standard equipment.
Studebaker Avanti Standard Equipment
90° V-8 OHV, water cooled
Disc Brakes
Dunlop discs, 11 1/2 in. diameter front; 11 in. drums at rear
Gear Shift
3 speed manual
Front suspension
Coil springs and sway bar
Rear suspension
Semi-elliptic leaf springs and radius rods
Safety cone door latches
Door Locks
Contoured front bucket seats
Avanti front bucket seats
Elevated rear seats
Rear Seats
Vinyl Upholstery
Padded safety dash
Padded Dashboard
Deep pile carpet
Five carpet colors were combined with black
Safety padded roll bar
Avanti rollbar
Overhead light switches
Avanti overhead switches
Direct reading guages
Instrument Panel Guages
Inside hood release
Glove compartment
Glove Compartment Vanity
Built-in vanity tray
Central console
Central Console
gear seletion lever, map compartment, cigerette lighter, aircraft type defrost and heat controls
Easy to reach trunk access
Trunk Access
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